Make a playground inclusive for special needs kids

I found a Playgrounds inclusive of Special Needs Kids website that summaries a number of  outdoor parks that were/are specifically designed and built to be “inclusive”.
The  youtube clip (see below ) of an inclusive playground in Israel  is a tear jerker and heart warmer at the same time…….but it also makes me want to do something like this in our waterfront park – make it inclusive . That would put Mapua on the map for a reason that everyone in the region and NZ would be proud of, Yes, we’d have to work hard at fund raising to do this – but for a project like this I’m sure we’d get a lot of help inside the Nelson Tasman region, and nationally.
Also, have a look and listen to a living example of a most beautiful foreshore park and inclusive playground at Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver  . Kits Beach playground feature imageThe vibrancy of this public space , it’s coordination with cafe/restaurants , easy  pedestrian   and cycle access from the  promenade ,  the iconic Vancouver landscape of mountains, sea, and foreshore….we can do likewise in Mapua.
In order to even begin to make this happen you need to ask TDC to support the option in the upcoming hearings. In fact, their Report on the development of Mapua’s waterfront makes some solid and well thought out recommendations – it’s not always that ratepayers interests are “aligned” with TDC staff and councillors, but this is one case where they have got it right! And they’ve made it easy-as to make a quick submission. Wander over to our submissions page for more information and resources. ALso, think about signing our petition – here before August 14 TDC submission deadline.
Click on the photo to go to the Youtube page 
mom and kid on sn swing
From the very small – e.g. back supports in swings  for your children with spina bifida – to larger – wheel chair friendly surfaces and ramps for elevated adventure playgrounds .  It’s all quite humbling and inspirational at the same time!
Tim thought about a basketball hoop in the recreational playground – why not. But then, why not make it so these guys can play too!!

2 thoughts on “Make a playground inclusive for special needs kids

  1. Thanks Karen.
    I’ve asked around at DHB Nelson and have two pediatric type professionals keen to help out, ditto form a doctor at Mapua Health Centre, and we’ve had a father of a young daughter coming in to offer support and tell his/her story. Now we just need TDC to “commit” so we can do some serious fund raising


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